10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Started A Diet!

Who else is interested in starting a weight loss program but doesn’t want to make a HUGE mistake with choosing an effective diet? You do? Well, if you do, I have for you in this article here 10 EXTREMELY important things to know that I unfortunately didn’t find out about until AFTER I failed several times with ineffective diets! But the good news is that there is hope! I did find something that truly is highly effective, and I’ll talk more about that later.

But first… here are the 10 things I wish I knew before spending so much money on worthless diet programs… and I’m sure will help you out with choosing an effective diet!

1. Low carb diets are ineffective and will affect your digestive system…

These types of diets are very popular. Many people hear or see the word “carbohydrate” and they run for dear life! Interestingly enough, eating carbs is actually important for you in order to lose weight, burn fat, and improve your overall health! Go figure! The key here is to ensure you are eating the healthy carbs (which would be fiber) and avoiding unhealthy carbs (sugar and white flour foods). The problem is that if you go on diets that reduce carbs, fiber is also reduced… and this will then cause a world of problems for you! Especially with your digestive system.

2. Low fat diets are ineffective…

Now how crazy is that?! Everyone knows how important it is to reduce fats in order to lose weight and body fat. However, those types of diets want you to reduce ALL types of fats… and this is also a bad idea. The body needs healthy fats (such as monounsaturated and omega fatty acids). Getting these fats in your diet will improve your heart health, increase your metabolism, and so much more. Now of course, as with all fats, they are still high in calories and you must eat them in moderation. Just please avoid going on diets that want you to completely eliminate fats from your eating plan.

3. Low calorie diets are ineffective…

What a shocker! Who would have thought that reducing calories would actually be ineffective?! Well, it is. Unfortunately I didn’t know this and I ended up slowing down my metabolism and then ended up with yo-yo weight loss (losing weight and then putting it back on)!

4. Starving yourself is (surprisingly) ineffective…

Go figure. You would think that by SIGNIFICANTLY reducing calories to just a few hundred a day would be effective for fast weight loss, but this is just opening up a whole new world of problems for your body like never before: A turtle slow metabolism, digestive problems, psychological issues (seriously), and so much more! Please, DO NOT DO THIS! You can lose weight fast without resorting to dangerous techniques.

5. Prepackaged “weight loss” meals are loaded with either/or sodium and preservatives…

As ironic as it sounds, most of those prepackaged “healthy” meal programs have those meals packed with lots of sodium and/or preservatives. Both of which are unhealthy for you and will keep pounds on you (in the form of water weight)!

6. You don’t need diet pills to speed up results…

Diet pills are ineffective and dangerous. The only thing they “may” do is slightly reduce water weight… and that’s it. They do not naturally remove pounds of body fat… contrary to their fancy advertisements. Please save your money.

7. You have to eat often with smaller meals to prevent issues with your digestive system…

This is HUGE! Eating often throughout the day with smaller meals has so many benefits it’s crazy! But one of the biggest things with doing this is that you will prevent problems with your digestive system. To explain this a little more clearly, if you on the other hand eat less meals with a LARGE amount of calories at once, this puts too much pressure on the digestive system and can then end up causing problems with it (such as it not processing all the calories you eat, getting stomach pains, constipation, and more!).

8. Eating in a way to increase your metabolism is by far the best diet strategy…

This is it my friend. If you want results with a diet program, I strongly recommend you look for one that is based around eating foods in a way to boost your metabolism (such as eating more often, shifting calories, having special cheat days, etc.).

9. Going on a diet that will customize a menu plan for you is more awesome than I thought…

Imagine a diet program that has a screen for you to click on all the types of foods you like, and then in a few seconds will design a customized menu plan for you with meals that will skyrocket your metabolism! This is what my diet program (that I unfortunately didn’t find out about until AFTER I failed with the nonsense I mentioned above!) was based around.

10. An effective diet will have you burn off pounds of body fat quickly, easily, and PERMANENTLY…

This is what we are all after, isn’t? Don’t you want to burn off pounds of fat as fast as possible, as easily as possible, and then once you gain the results you were hoping for… you keep those pounds off for good? Well, if you go on a diet based on numbers 7 – 10, then you can rest assure you WILL be successful.

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